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Feb 15

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Monday, February 15, 2010

Learn some helpful American etiquette on going out to lunch with American coworkers. This slide show video is given in a casual, conversational style with most of the words transcribed in the slides, so you can read along in case you are also adjusting to the American English accent!

Enjoy! Happy to hear your suggestions on this video and ideas for cultural tips. Please leave your feedback in the comments under the post! Thank you.

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"Are you new to navigating American cultural etiquette? Are you facing culture shock moving to the US, or moving back to the US? Maybe you just started a job and wanted to know how to respond when your coworkers ask you to lunch. Rather than sit in your cube and wonder what to do, and eat alone, join in next time with these helpful tips! (audio and video presentation inside)"


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2 comments so far...

Re: Cultural Tip: Going Out To Lunch with American Coworkers

Very good...but I also see some very "yank" things. You would have a blast examining the interpersonal relations in the South (that is, the southern US). Your "bargaining" over who is to pay was somewhat amusing to me because the "the rule of thumb" in the South is--offer once. If you offer to pay, and the person says, "No, I got it" (which is how they would say it), then you say, "Oh, thank you." And that's it! ha, ha... My wife is a "yank," so I had to teach her how to function in the Southern culture...and it was a sometimes hard transition for her. But, I must say, a good video...and I think it's really neat, cool, great that you are doing what you do.
Have a great weekend!

By Jon Herrin on   Thursday, March 18, 2010

Re: Cultural Tip: Going Out To Lunch with American Coworkers

Thanks Jon. One of the reasons, I put up the videos is to hope to learn these nuggets... I wish I could experience the Southern Culture....I know there would be differences, but don't know what they are. I live in my bubble in Rochester, NY. Maybe even out West, like Cali or even in North, like N. Dakota, it may be different, again! Maybe I'll the opportunity to experience it someday! Thanks for sharing it.

What other interesting things did you have to teach your wife to adjust to life in the South? :)

By admin on   Thursday, March 18, 2010

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