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Feb 17

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Sometimes when we move to a new place, especially a different country, we become more knowledgeable about our own culture, our own behaviors and tendencies. Before, in our 'native country', we never thought about it because we blended in- and everyone else, for the most part behaved the same way. We did what we learned, what was expected of us. When that changes, how do we know when we have integrated new behaviors and cultural traits so that others in our new living environment understand and relate to us. How do we know we have adapted new behaviors, new ways of interacting or different communication patterns so that who was once considered 'foreign' to us, now understands us and thinks of us 'less foreign' and more 'local', more of 'an insider'?

In these audio responses, I share some thoughts on cross cultural integration, specifically, how I adapted to the culture of India and continued some behaviors even after returning to America.

In both of these audio diaries, or podcasts, the theme is that when we mirror or copy others to pick up the behaviors required to be understood in a new settings, others start giving us feedback that we are becoming 'more' integrated into their lifestyle, into their culture, that we are relatable to them in everyday interactions and experiences.

Thank you to my classmates back in India and other Indians who have taught me your wonderful culture that has enriched my life then, now and forever more! Without you none of this- including this blog, would be possible!


 Podcast- Wearing Sari like an Indian Woman


Podcast- "Am I American or Indian (From India)?"

Thank you, Bob McGurty for making this training "Art of Crossing Cultures" available for all!

Art of Crossing Cultures - by Bob McGurty from INMED on Vimeo.

Mr. McGurty has lived in Bangladesh for almost 15 years. Some of his experiences reflect what I experienced in India. Do take time to listen to his presentation, it is very informative. For anyone wanting to learn tips and strategies on adjusting to any new culture or lifestyle as an expat, international student, expat spouse or a 'foreigner in a new land' his presentation is helpful for adjustment to any culture (not just Bangladeshi).


Author of this article, Jennifer Kumar is a cross-cultural and expat coach at Authentic Journeys. If you relate to any of her experiences or need help navigating your own cross-cultural experiences and finding your identity while or after living abroad or away from home, feel free to contact Jennifer by E-mail  or  Facebook.

Thank you for spending time on Alaivani.com


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