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Mar 12

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Friday, March 12, 2010

Hi Friends,

Happy March, and wish you are doing well.

Well, the snow has caught up with us here in Rochester, NY over the past month coming in as quickly as we are hoping it's leaving! Krishna was able to capture the snow in and around our neighborhood through his camera! Take a peek at his snowy and frigid above and below-ground snaps. Experiencing all that snow and coldness, forced me to think of warmer, sunnier days, riding bikes and exploring as we do on our yearly vacations to Pennsylvania. In this post, I share some of my flashbacks of the backwoods and rustic vacations of Pennsylvania we have enjoyed.

Being locked inside was helpful in that I was able to review a really great book on aiding Indians with admissions into American colleges (read that review here), and also continue sharing some tips, tutorials and on-line training related to cross-cultural topics of interest. Thank you for sending in your questions and queries, making these posts possible:
Culture Shock vs. Natural...Life...Changes This is a slide show presentation exploring different approaches to culture shock, asking, "What does culture shock mean to you?"
Cultural Tip: Going Out To Lunch with American Coworkers Three minute discussion on what to expect when interacting with your American coworkers over lunch or mealtimes.
Insider Insight To "Being Indian" What does it mean to "be" a particular ethnicity? How is it defined by those in that group, and outside that group? How do those inside the group accept someone from outside the group as 'one of their own'? I share some of my thoughts and experiences on this topic as an American adapting to the culture from India.

As usual, I have shared wonderful, inspiring and exceptional articles from the blogosphere. This month, I have divided them into three groups and placed the cultural ones on this blog under the title - Blog Bling March 2010, food ones on my cookery blog under the title Recipe Review March 2010, and soap/beauty ones on my handmade soap blog under the title Sudsy Sensations March 2010.

Some unique offerings this past month also include a tasty recipe for Miso soup, and a unique perspective on Holi I wrote a few years ago.

If you are interested to meet me, live in the Rochester, New York area and are curious to learn about Indian Cooking, Adjusting to life in Rochester (as a newcomer) or making handmade soap, check out the links for classes I will be giving on those topics in the next few months.

Happy Interfaith holidays throughout March and April.


Jennifer Jayanthi Kumar



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