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Apr 7

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The first photo is a restored photo of my father in law, BN Kartha from his childhood over 70 years ago! Krishna has done a fantastic job in restoring this photo!

Photo Restoration

The next photo I really like is of a sunset we saw in Indianapolis last year. We were told to avoid this mid-western city on our New York to Utah road trip because it was 'boring'. However, after walking the downtown canal path, we were in LOVE with that place and wonder why Rochester can't recreate a canal-town walkway like Indianapolis did. Simply impressive, and this sunset was icing on the cake.


In the begining of March, when there was still snow on the ground, we took a short road trip to a rest area in Tioga, Pennsylvania on route 15 south just south of Corning, New York. Some may find it's weird that we went to a rest area as a destination, but there is something not only about that place that holds scenic wonder for me, but the idea of hanging out in a place seeing travellers come and go somehow fascinate me. Here are two of the photos he took I really like: a waterfall in Watkins Glen state park near the entrance (left), the rest area interior (right). We spent some time in there reading, eating snacks and looking at travel brochures. Hope to have some fun times in Pennsylvania this summer, especially biking on the Pine Creek Rail Trail (here's a video) or star viewing at Cherry Springs State Park (here's a photo from last year).

... At rest area...


Have you wanted to make idli and did not have the Indian gadgets? Wondered if there are gadgets readily available in America that can be used to make idli? The last photos answer that question! I am about to teach some Indian cookery classes and one of the items I want to teach is idli. I want to find some American gadgets we can use to make Idli as the traditional stainless steel metal idli stand is not always available in US, and to top that most Americans may not feel comfortable with a pressure cooker (am I wrong?). The left photo is the idli making project from this past month using silicone vegetable steamer with egg poachers in a saucepan that allows steam to escape. The right photo is idlis being made in an egg poacher pan. Both experiments turned out nicely, just the shape of the idli is different. If you are new to this idli- see this idli/dosa photologue and recipe write- up.

Idli Project ...


Have a great time viewing the photos. Feel free to leave your comments below and as always I appreciate you spending some time on my site.


Have you wondered how to make idli without the traditional Indian idli stands and pressure cooker? This post will answer that and also showcases plenty of photos from the recent past and long-lost past, and recent short trips, Krishna's photos from this month highlight one really old family photo, plus photos from our road trip last year and recent road trips in US.


Copyright ©2010 Jennifer Kumar, LMSW Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor


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Re: Krishna's Klicks March 2010: Past and Present

very creative way of making idlis without cooker :)

By flyawaymind on   Saturday, April 10, 2010

Re: Krishna's Klicks March 2010: Past and Present

Thanks for stopping by flyawaymind.. Have a wonderful day.

By admin on   Saturday, April 10, 2010

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