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Apr 5

Written by: Jayanthi
Monday, April 05, 2010

With rising cost of 'mainstream' health care, people all over are looking for 'alternative' healing modalities that will not only provide a cheaper alternative, but a more holistic and comprehensive care. Since the late 90s I been participating in Ayurveda, native healing from India, and have dabbled in other modalities such as massage, reiki, eye care, and more. Click in to read some of my experiences from past articles posted here on Alaivani.

This two-part article on my introduction to Ayurveda and consquent consultations in India and America are explored in this article from May 2007 - Reducing Pitta: My Introduction to Other Forms of Wellness Care.  My ayurvedic doctor, Sonam Targee, has a website- read more about him here.

If you're interested in finding alternative ways to improve your eyesight, check out this post from 2007, Seeing Things From a Different Perspective: A Holistic Approach to Eye Care. In this experience, visiting a holistic eye care practitioner, I learned what I always had a sneaking suspicion about- that glasses do not solve the problem, but cover up and actually for many, worsen the symptoms. I always wondered why my eyes got worse- not better from glasses. The second part of this article explores some easy exercises the eye care practitioner taught me to improve my eyesight. These exercises not only offer exercise for the eyes and eye muscles, but can offer some over-all stress relief, a time-out. Get the details here - Seeing Things From a Different Perspective: A Holistic Approach to Eye Care - PART 2.

If one wonders if American health care, as in insurance, will ever cover this health care, in the state of Oregon, a recent artilce highlights a new trend. Very fascinating. This article explores this further, Clear One Health Insurance Hooks Oregonians Up with Holistic Care. I hope these articles are interesting. Feel free to share your opinions, thoughts or experiences with forms of alternative health care.


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