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May 10

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Monday, May 10, 2010

Meet Radhika Vasanth, food blogger at Food for 7 Stages of Life a member of Authentic Journeys Facebook Fan Page. She is an inspiring woman ready to try new tastes in and out of her kitchen. She shares with us some of the wonders of cooking, cuisine and cross cultural living!


What inspired you to create/start your blog, Radhika?
Radhika says:
I started my blog to effectively use the free time and to improve my writing skills. Reason for choosing a food blog is I wanted to write about something I love and die for. I wish to open a restaurant someday.

You cook ethnic Indian food in the US, do you feature any recipes that are cross-culture or fusion in nature? Please share a few of your favorite entries and why you chose those.
Radhika says:
Yeah, I love to mix and match ingredients and techniques in my everyday cooking.Some of them are in my blog too. Pasta Fusion, Rice Vermicelli (Thai Rice noodles) Kheer, Asparagus Usili, CousCous Upma.

Have you Americanized Indian foods? Do share your experience or a recipe on that topic?
Radhika says:
I use conventional oven and my broiler effectively to cook the low calorie version of most of my favorite Indian food. I also mix it up with Basil, Oregano, Parsley and other American ingredients to give a twist to most of the Indian dishes. Indian style baked chicken, Oven baked Potatoes are some of my favorite Americanized dishes.

Overall, what is your favorite  post on your blog?

Radhika says:
I love each and every dish I posted on my blog. But Sweet Potato Methi Cutlet and Khasta Kachori is something I would love to mention.

Do you have any favorite ethnic cuisines outside the Indian cuisine? Which are your favorite dishes in those cuisines?
Radhika says:
I love the flavors used in Thai Cuisine. It is undoubtedly my next comfort cuisine after Indian Cuisine. I like Masaman Curry, Tom yum Goong and Tom kha Ghai soup, Mango sticky rice. The list is unending :)

Which ethnic cuisine do you want to try that you have yet to try? Why are you tempted by that cuisine?

Radhika says:
French. I see French cuisine through the eyes of Julia Child. The way she talks about their food and extravagant variations inspires me.

What do you think is the best thing about living and expressing your Indian culture in America?
Radhika says:
The best way to express Indian culture is to be INDIAN in America. The rest will follow.

Would you like to introduce us to two or three inspirational people you have met through your blog? (Feel free to put their blog links here too, if you have them) What about these people inspire you?
Radhika says:
There are two people in this blogging world who inspire me
1. Ree of "The Pioneer Woman" - This woman ROCKS. I wonder how she finds time to do numerous things. She runs a home school for her kids, she cooks everyday, she takes care of her ranch, she satisfies her husband and family's needs, she talks about photography, she blogs almost everyday and she manages to pull millions of people to her blog. Isn't she amazing? I am sitting here and lamenting that 24 hours in a day is not sufficient and she does almost everything in the same 24 hours. I LOVE her.
2. DK of "Chef in You" - What should I say about DK? She is Ree of Indian Food Blogs. I got acquainted to her very recently. She is a gem of woman and manages her Food blog effectively and efficiently. I love the way she shares her recipes and attracts her readers. I am glad to say that DK is one of my good friends.

Is there any other interesting tidbit you'd like to share about cross-cultural living?

Radhika says:

There are two things I want to share:
1.We humans try to acclimatize to the environments we live in. Not to blame anyone. So we try to adapt to the new culture and traditions. But if we didn't acclimatize then we wouldn't have these many diversified cultures around the globe. So adapting to postive things in other cultures and living your own (Indian) culture  would be the best way to live. Oh come  on, I didn't say that we shouldn't celebrate Thanksgiving or Halloween but let us celebrate Diwali too :)
2. I am one curious woman who wants to know how people live in different parts of the world. I love to know what they do, kinds of food they eat, how they are accustomed to their environments and so on. So I enjoy meeting new people and learning their traditions and culture. America is one country where you can meet people from all nook and corner of this world and various cultures. We don't get his opportunity in India or France or China or UK or any other country I know.

An interesting observation you found in India after living abroad? Or anything that strikes you?
Radhika says:

I travel often with my husband, but we both feel complacent and happy when we get back home (in America). There is nothing like being home even If you get to stay in the top notch hotels or resorts. HOME IS HOME and India is our Home. So we want to get back to our real home someday :) There is nothing like being in India and living with people with whom I grew up.

Thanks again for this opportunity to express my views through your FB Page.


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1 comments so far...

Re: The Authentic Journey of Cuisine: Radhika's Love for Cooking, Food and Cross-Cultural Living

I came upon this very interesting interview by chance.
What really impressed me was the forthright simplicity of Radhika who remains a total Indian at heart despite being in the US.
More and more non-resident Indians as well Indians living at home in India are becoming extremely westernized.
Their dress,talk,walk everything reflects the West.All Indian symbols of dress (saree) & make-up (bindi)'are slowly & steadily falling by the roadside.Women from all over the world hav started looking alie unlike before when Indian women stood out uniquely different!I do hope that Radhika remains an Indian & retains her genuine identity & be an inspiration to the detractors to literally return 'home'.
This interview was very refreshing & inspiring.
My we have more people like Radhika!

By Vijaya Chandramouli on   Monday, April 29, 2013

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