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May 7

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Friday, May 07, 2010

I have enjoyed browsing a few blogs this month. There seems to be three overriding themes in this month's favorite posts: Cultural Revolution in India and Among Indians, Cross-Cultural Lifestyle Adjustment, Life Coaching Inspiration and Self-Improvement Tips and English as Second Language Cultural Tips.


Cultural Revolution in India and Among Indians
I think that India's experiencing a great cultural revolution. I think it's experienced in different ways in different speeds in different parts of India, yet its happening. People are looking at how to plan their lives differently, spend their money differently, and where to live differently (among many other topics). The 'herd mentality' of doing it "just because everyone else is doing it" is a counter-trend that seems to be taking hold, which is very exciting because it's not just a cultural revolution of behavior change, but thought and philosophy change, too! Real change, including behavior change cannot be long lasting or value-added unless it goes hand-in-hand with thought and philosophy change. A true approach to life change that comes from the inside- out is the most long-lasting and possibly the most difficult. To use an overused quote from Gandhi- "We must be the change we want to see." It not only begins from us to the world, but from within us to our outer worlds!

Here are the related posts that inspired that!
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Applying to US Universities: MS in US Timeline
Education Plus Karnataka: Go for Offbeat Careers  
Education Plus Karnataka: Ways to prepare for overseas studies   

Cross-Cultural Lifestyle Adjustment

Here is a splattering of interesting posts on cross-cultural adjustment.

An American in India trying to figure out about the plethora of New Year's Celebrations!
Clark Travels the World: How Many New Years?  

(Here are my posts on Vishu and Tamil New Year)

An Indian in Europe experiencing a slow approach to moving forward.
Jicky Vinoth: Slow Down Slow Down 
(Incidentally this reminds me of a post I wrote sometime back, Slow and Steady Wins the Race.)

An Indian in America preparing to move back to India-
Scaling New Heights: New Journey of Our Life  

Asians finding success in New Zealand by changing their identity.
New Zealand Herald: Asians ditch identities in hunt for jobs   

An American living in America with her Pakistani Husband:
Experiencing Cross-Cultural beauty standards on her recent trip to Pakistan:
The Gori Wife Life: Making up my own Self  

Learning to communicate in an ethnic South Asian Grocery Store in America:
The Gori Wife Life: Breaking News - Henna Is Made From Leaves?!?!   
(This reminds me of my post from 2006 when I visited the India the first time after marriage- "Relearning to Communicate" )

(Also if you're interested in learning more about the Indian Grocery Store, keep posted here for classes! :-) 

English as Second Language Cultural Tips
I find some of these interesting cross-cultural English tips in the newspapers from India. It's really fascinating things that native English speakers take for granted. Check it out!
Education Plus Kerala: Why do we say ‘o'clock'? What does ‘o' stand for?  

Life Coaching Inspiration and Self-Improvement Tips
I am repeating these four posts on preparing for life and career under this topic too. I feel that it is not only part of India's cultural revolution to approach these topics differently, but these topics are helpful for anyone looking for advice, tips or guidance on choosing a career, a college and a life's path that is in line with one's own purpose in life. Incidentally, if you'd like to talk this over further (contact me), to learn more about your own passions, interests, life calling and get to know more about you, your Authentic Journey, and yourself in the process, contact me for a special life coaching/career coaching program that will change your life (as it has mine- see this video on finding the perfect career!).
Applying to US Universities: Getting a State Identification Card at the Driving Licence Office   
Applying to US Universities: MS in US Timeline
Education Plus Karnataka: Go for Offbeat Careers  
Education Plus Karnataka: Ways to prepare for overseas studies    

Advanced Life Skills: Allow Gratitude to Transform Your Life  
Copyblogger: Question the Rules to Create a More Remarkable Business (and Life)

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Thanks for reading this issue of Blog Bling. Have a great month ahead.

Jennifer Kumar is a cross-cultural teacher, trainer and lifestyle adjustment mentor helping people adjust to American and global lifestyles through a variety of methods, including Indian cooking classes. She was educated in India as a social worker and in America as a life coach. Feel free to see her website - Authentic Journeys - Lifestyle and Cultural Transition Services.




See, also, this book review I did earlier this year on guiding/coaching Indian students to apply for college admissions in US. I am happy to talk with you about this more in detail as well, feel free to contact me for details! 


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