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Jun 11

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Friday, June 11, 2010

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 Authentic Journeys & Alaivani.com
June 2010 Newsletter

Hello Cultural Enthusiasts:

Hope you are well and enjoying life! This month brings yet another, new format to the newsletter. I hope you like it and find some interesting information inside!

This past month, I introduced you to Margarita Gokun Silver. She is a mentor of sorts to me, also being a life coaching helping expats adjust to new cultures, her experience and expertise fascinates me. I interviewed here on Alaivani this past month, read her interview
"The Authentic Journey of Margarita Gokun Silver: Musings of Multi and Cross-Cultural Life, Sharing and Mentoring from Russia and Beyond."

In addition to sharing some unique cultural aspects about Argentina and Russia compliments Margarita, I shared a host of links on
"Perspectives on life in India, Japan, Kenya, Madagascar and USA" in this past month's "Blog Bling".

Continuing with my love for global cuisine, and particularly Indian cuisine, I have a few offerings: 
- Book review from Viji Varadarajan and Padmini Natarajan. "Temptations from the Tamil Table" showcases my experiences learning traditional south Indian cuisine and culture through this one-of-a-kind book!
May's Recipe Review featured my own recreation a sweet-sour gravy from Veggie Platter's offering- "Onion Gojju". (photo, right)
- Sharing with you tips and strategies on
recreating and creating your Indian-inspired kitchen in America.

This month, I also posted a few free e-books on the topics of
"Career Guidance" and "What is Life Coaching?"

shivasarmsNEXT WEEK- Interact with Cheryl Snell, author of the enthralling novel Shiva's Arms that highlights the wonders of cross-cultural family relationships and personal struggles of Alice, an American, married to Ramesh from India and their authentic journeys living in a multi-cultural and extended family. Read my review of Shiva's Arms here, and stop by my Authentic Journeys Facebook Page to interact with her in real time!
Lookout next month for a two-part interview with an American in Italy!

And, much, much more!!

Thank you for your time and interest! Enjoy your own Authentic Journey!

Jennifer Kumar, CC, LMSW

Cultural and Lifestyle Adjustment Coach
Authentic Journeys

"Helping You Live Your Best Life... Anywhere Life Takes You!"

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American Party Invitations

India Culture Tip

Tutorial on ordering a customized sari blouse

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Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, CC 

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