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Aug 30

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Monday, August 30, 2010

10 things to avoid during a US student visa interview
Reprinted by permission

Six of ten tips-

We at app2us.com understand the anxiety that all Fall 2010 applicants might be feeling at this time, as the visa interview seems to be one last but enormously challenging hurdle that can prevent them from fulfilling the dream towards which they have been working for over an year now. Here is a list of actions or mistakes to avoid in order to be successful at the visa interview.

1. Incomplete documents: The website of the US Embassy in your country clearly mentions the required and suggested documents to carry. Every type of document that they mention should be carried. Also carry all important document beased on common sense. If you do not have the degree certificate, carry the provisional degree.

2. Unacceptable photograph: It is easy to follow the instructions. Do not use any creativity and try to exactly follow the photograph requirements.

3. Dressing like an American: Remember that the F-1 visa interview is the occassion to show your strong ties to your own country, not to the US. So dress normally, as you would dress for college or office in your country. Avoid shirts with American Flag or ‘I Love New York’. The best thing is to avoid any writing slogan or symbolysm in your dress.

4. Being late: Americans are mostly punctual people and they do not appreciate those who are late. Visa appointment is a very important event, plan to arrive outside the consulate one hour earlier, but try to enter the building only at the designated time.

5. Carrying forged documents: It has been brought to our attention that in some countries so called ‘visa consultants’ provide you with forged bank records to prove that you have sufficient funds. Do not fall for such temptations. Such consultant are seriously undermining the chances of your visa, and you can also be in serious trouble for trying to defraud the US government. The visa officers are trained to detect such forgery and not only the visa shall be rejected but you may be debarred from future entry to the US. In an exclusive interview with app2us.com, the U.S. Ambassador to India, Timothy J. Roemer mentioned, “We’ve also enhanced fraud prevention capabilities across India to protect applicants from unscrupulous touts and vendors.” – Read the full interview.

6. Avoiding eye contact: It is very important in US culture to establish and maintain eye contact during an official or business conversation. But it is common in Asian cultures not to maintain eye contact, especially when talking to an important person. If you maintain eye contact, an American feels you are confident, polite and courteous. In Asian cultures it is considered otherwise. So remember to look in the eyes of the visa officer throughout the interview. This could mean the difference between visa approval and rejection. If you look towards the floor (which some of our readers are highly likely to do) you will convey an impression that you are not very forthcoming and may be hiding something.

If you'd like to see the remaining four fantastic tips, click here.

Thanks app2us for permission to reprint.


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