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Jul 10

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Saturday, July 10, 2010

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July 2010 Newsletter 
Special Summer Saturday Edition!

Hello Cultural Enthusiasts:
Greetings and wish you are having a great July!

We recently returned from a seven state, 2,000 mile car journey to visit the Great Smokey Mountains. It was an amazing whirlwind of activity- all done within the span of seven days. It's amazing what can be done in a day when we put our minds to it, isn't it? I will be sharing photos, videos and introspections from our journey later next month. Keep tuned in!

The highlight of last month's activity was the day I helped Cheryl Snell kick off her blog tour promoting the cross-cultural novel "Shiva's Arms". Here on Alaivani, I shared my thoughts in a different kind of book review called,
"Shiva's Arms: The Reach of a Novel." Readers of this blog and followers of me on Facebook participated in a lively discussion on issues of cross-cultural relevance to the book, and also asked Cheryl for tips and advice on cross-cultural concerns on the Facebook page. Check out the page to see the interactions, and feel free to leave your own! Cheryl will come back and check periodically. The blog tour continues throughout the summer. See her website for the schedule of blog stops!

I would also like to thank Marie Brice from the Great Expectations blog for sharing my thoughts on culture shock on her blog post, "Once you get over culture shock...".

Here is a list of other posts from this past month that will be of interest:
American English Idiom Podcast #1: What is a 'laundry list'?
American English Idiom Podcast #2: What is 'from scratch''?
India and America Interfaith and Secular Holiday Calendar - July 2010
Pruning – and its Relevance to Gardening, Personal Development and Life Coaching

Here are some of my cinchcast podcasts (audio) that may peek your interest:
'Being early' vs 'On time' in US culture
How is accent adjustment and life coaching related?
Is your Indian friend saying New York or Newark?
What are some of the cultural treasures where you live?
Want free tips to improve your American English accent?
Why am I interested in accent adjustment?

If you have ideas for articles or feedback on anything on my blog, do not hesitate to contact me! I enjoy hearing from you. It is because of you that all this is possible!

Yours in inspiration,

Jennifer Kumar, CC, LMSW

Cultural and Lifestyle Adjustment Coach
Authentic Journeys

"Helping You Live Your Best Life... Anywhere Life Takes You!"

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Cross-Cultural Success:

Integrating Two Worlds: Life in America with an Indian Twist

Life Coaching Inspiration
Slow and Steady Wins the Race

English Tips (ESL/ESOL)
Cultural Tip: Reading to your children in American English.

America Cultural Tip
Going out to lunch with American Coworkers

India Culture Tip
Tips on Wearing a Sari With Elegance

Are you inspired by these tips?
Do you want to participate in cross-cultural mentoring?
Contact me!

Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, CC

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