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Jul 14

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Wednesday, July 14, 2010


A Top 20 List of Things I've found Interesting in Italy
By: Barbara

Barbara shared with us in the last post her authentic journey from U.S. to Italy. Feel free to read her post here. In that post she talks about a wall that encompasses the mideivel city she lives in Italy; Lucca. She has taken a photo that is featured in this article. Thanks, Barbara!

Things I've found interesting here-- In no particular order!

1. Absolutely remove your shoes in someone's home

2. Kids going without shoes anywhere, anytime is absolutely scandalous-- they will catch the flu, and ultimately their death

3. Most people keep stuffed animals in their rear window of their car, and they don't have kids

4. Cars don't lock from the inside (something about what if you were drowning and needed to open the door)

5. Exterior car mirrors all fold down, for when you're parked on the street and don't want a whizzing car to accidentally take it off as they squeeze by

6. Kids in the front seat with no seatbelt and no car seat? No problem! (It is technically illegal.)

7. Bike Helmets? Why bother?

8. Antihistamines? Illegal without a Rx

9. Screens on windows? Why bother?

10. Plastic Grocery bags? Illegal in 2010!!! Many stores are starting now

11. CFL light bulbs are the only ones sold in stores. The older bulbs are being phased out and will be completely illegal in 2010 as well.

12. "Patentino"-- a kind of driver's license for kids aged 14-16 allowing them to drive smaller mopeds and Ape trucks! They're still on the road with the rest of us however!

13. First year you have your drivers' license you have to place a huge P in the car window to indicate you are new on the streets

14. Receiving calls on your cell phone:  FREE!

15. Family Doctor? Everybody in the family goes to the same doctor.

16. Got a fever? The doctor is obligated to pay you a house call!

17. Snacks. Pizza etc... all eaten by hand but with a napkin between you and the food

18. Got leaves and yard waste? Just burn it! (Despite the huge dumpsters in place for compost)

19. Dog leashes? Who needs 'em. (Again, technically a leash law is on the books)

20. Watch your step! Dog poop everywhere! (Yup, a poop law is on the books too)









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