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Jul 19

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Monday, July 19, 2010

Back in 2003 I was on tripod.com. I had started my website back in 1998 before going to India. Back then I had quite a number of broswers (as I do today, thank you!) and quite a few contributors.

In this flashback, I want to introduce you to three people who submitted to my website. (These links will take you away from alaivani.com to my old site.)

John is a Britisher who was learning about Hinduism and wrote a brief introduction to Hinduism from his point of view. 
Read his article Introduction to Hinduism here.

Uma was born and raised in India, and has lived outside India in different locations. In this journal entry, he shares how he defines and re-defines himself as being Indian. These thoughts stemmed from his interaction with me and reading my website.
Read his article Thoughts on Jayanthi's Website: How I Identify Myself as Indian here.


Swatikrish found my website looking for information on Hindu culture and philosophy. He shares some of his thoughts on Hinduism and the thoughts of Sri Ramana Maharishi. 
Read his article My Experiments in Hinduism here.

I want to thank all the readers, contributors, interviewees and everyone for your interest and encouragement. Without you, I wouldn't be doing this!!

If you'd like to read articles from a host of 10 current contributing and guest authors; click here.


Thank you for spending your time here on Alaivani.com.

Copyright ©2010 Jennifer Kumar, LMSW Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor


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