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Aug 14

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Saturday, August 14, 2010

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAYPhoto by Krishna Kumar, used with permission.

Small Things, A Part Of Who We Are
By Padmini Natarajan

A toothless smile
Pebble glassed
Loin cloth and danda
A well-lined face
That maps the country
Gandhiji, a part of who we are

A fluttering flag
On a lofty mast
In a child's hand
Pinned on a lapel
Proclaiming truth will win
The tricolour, a part of who we are

An anthem sung
Or played as a tune
In places far flung
At a sports meet
Or a march past
Jana gana mana, a part of who we are

Fistfuls of earth and soil
Cities, villages and deserts
Towering, grand Himalayas
Mighty Ganga in flow
The meet of three seas
Kanyakumari, a part of who we are

A benevolent hug
The folded hands gesture
Inviting with a smile the stranger
Open homes and hearts
Food, drink and warmth
Hospitality, a part of who we are

Cricket, chess and kabaddi
Cinema, dance and drama
Colour, Sari, turban
Births, weddings, celebrations
Funerals, festivals, functions
Family values, a part of who we are

Drought, famine and disasters
Wars, riots and disease
Crowds, chaos, poverty
Dust, heat and defeat
Surviving the heavy odds
Indomitable spirit, a part of who we are

Learning, wisdom and valour
Religion, culture, civilization
A wonderful melting pot
People, places, events
Blending a country's heart
India, a part of who we are

Padmini Natarajan

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