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Jun 23

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Saturday, June 23, 2007

1 cup      Besan (Chick pea flour)
1 cup      Diced onion.(about 1 cup)
1/2 cup   Diced Tomato
1            Green chili, diced
1 tsp.      Red Chili Powder
1/4 tsp.   Turmeric
Salt to taste
Water (set aside)
Oil for frying
1. Dice the onion and tomato and grind it into a paste.  (I prefer to puree/blend 
in the Magic Bullet Express 17-Piece High-Speed Blender Mixing System .),
2. Mix all ingredients (do not add water in this step) in one bowl.
3. Check the consistency of the paste, add water little by little until the batter 
is slightly pastey (easy to spread on a pan).
4. Put a non-stick pan on a stove, smear it with oil or butter
5. Make thin pancakes (on slow fire). Fry until browned on both sides. Most 
likely it will be soft in the center.
6. Serve hot with green or tomato chutney, katchup, or any condiment you like.
It is noted that this recipe has many varieties, for instance you don't have to put 
in chili pepper or green chilies if that is too spicy for you.  I have substitued roasted
cumin seeds and/or corriander powder for the chilis.
There is actually no need to add any spices if that is your taste
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Copyright ©2007 Jennifer Jayanthi Kumar


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