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Apr 2

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Monday, April 02, 2007

Enthralled by your own life?


Seinfeld has classic comedy.  Most people probably know about Seinfeld shows (if not they are played as reruns weekday evenings in most places).  Seinfeld brings the extraordinary out of the ordinary.


One oh his shows opens with talking about why we think people on TV look as though they have interesting lives.  No matter what they are doing, we sit on the edge of our couches fascinated by the characters on TV.  In fact, we are also captivated by the characters in Seinfeld, a show about nothing!


So, how can we take a step back from our own lives and find them captivating, interesting, out of the ordinary, and enthralling?


I think one secret to an interesting life is to look at your life as though you’re observing it.  What about your life is of interest?  Maybe we see parts of ourselves in some TV characters we watch with bated breath, but do we watch our own life with that same sense of eager anticipation?


I think most of us live on auto pilot, doing things as a routine, dulling down our lives.  Since they are own lives, we often don’t see or take for granted the interesting parts.  This week I hope to try something different- see my life as an interesting book, unfolding in front of my own eyes, by asking myself the question, “What would others find interesting, captivating or enthralling about this situation?”


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