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Jul 30

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Monday, July 30, 2007

Surprise Post!  Walking on the Highway


innerloop.jpgI don’t recommend this, unless, it is shut off to traffic!


We went to walk on Rochester’s Inner Loop yesterday, July 29, 2007.  The city shut it off for traffic from 8am -2pm.  We got there about 10am.  Not many people were there.  We entered near the East Main entrance and walked toward the new Frederick Douglass-Susan B. Anthony Memorial Bridge.  It was a nice walk.


We walked back to our car through the inner city streets.  It was a nice walk, and we were able to explore parts of the city, we as suburbanites don’t get to explore often, if at all.


I know Preferred Care was on site distributing water bottles to the crowd.  We did not walk or go past that booth and neither did we go to the Clinton exit side of the inner loop.  We did like this idea very much and think much more can be done with it to make it more attractive.  Hope Bob Duffy, our mayor, can implement some of these ideas for next year-


1.                   Advertise it more.  I found out about it by accident through a website the week before the last event.  Advertise it broadly- not just for locals, but for tourists as well!

2.                   Use the board on 490 nearing the inner loop to advertise it.  The board read “Inner loop closed  8am -2pm.”  But it did not tell why.  I wonder if most people that saw that and assumed it was due to road repair work.  That is what I would assume if I did not know.   Maybe the board can read, “Come walk on the inner loop.  Closed to traffic Sunday 8am- 2pm.” 

3.                   Make it bold and enticing to families.  One side of the loop can be open to walkers and bikers, while the other side, can have vendors selling food or drinks for people.  Make it a festive environment.  Maybe ask Strong Museum of Play to participate. Do the event on a Friday or Saturday night.  Sunday morning is too early, and maybe a lot of people are in Church.

4.                   Maybe Bob Duffy should join us and hang out on the loop, too!


If you’d like to see some photos we took on our trip there, check this link!

Copyright ©2007 Jennifer Jayanthi Kumar


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Re: Surprise Post! Walking on the Highway

I hope to experience this in future. It is quite a different experience to walk in a place that is always buzzing with cars/traffic. The silence and peace you may experience will be a unique experience. Glad you enjoyed this.

By cskishore on   Thursday, August 16, 2007

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