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Nov 15

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Monday, November 15, 2010

By: Jennifer, Kumar, Cross-Cultural Coach

Are you looking for authentic and quality information for your student paper, research journal, master’s or Ph.D. thesis, magazine or newspaper article, television or radio program, internet presentation, online media or other media outlet or project? Look no further than this website for relevant and thought provoking information on many cultural, relational, expat and lifestyle adjustment topics.

Topics Covered (not exhaustive):

Adjustment in a multicultural, cross-cultural, interfaith household

Assimilating, coping and integrating cultures and lifestyles

Cross-cultural communication and understanding

Cultural Etiquette and Adjustment

Culture of India


Discussions about stereotypes and myths, etc.

English as a Second language articles and podcasts

Ethnic, Spritual and Hindu holidays of India

Expat or overseas life

Intercultural or interfaith relationships

Life in another country


South Asian viewpoints

Spirituality between cultures

Third Culture Kids (TCK) interviews

Other topics as they come up in related areas


Tags/Topics for the Authentic Journeys Blog (authenticjourneys.blogspot.com)

Cross Cultural Training  

Culture Shock 

Culture Shock Worksheets

F2 -H4 Series 

Intake Forms 

NRI Tips


Outsourced to India


Who I work With   



Presentation of Information (kinds of media used):
Articles (Written word only)
Photos (images)
Videos (moving images with audio tracks)
Podcasts (only audio track without images)

How this information can be used by you as an author:

Small snippets
If you are interested in publishing a small snippet (about 50 words or less) from a written article, transcripts from an audio podcast or video, please follow the following steps to create your citation:

Author name, Name of Article/Video/Podcast (in italics), Name of Site/Blog, Year Published, Website Address, (used by permission)*

Direct from Blog:
Kumar, Jennifer,  Diwali Celebrations 2001 in India: How to Celebrate Diwali like a local in Six Easy Steps!, Alaivani Blog, 2008,
http://alaivani.com/Blog/tabid/56/EntryID/277/Default.aspx, used by permission

Video from
Youtube / Vimeo/ Viddler/ Facebook:
Kumar CC, Jennifer (Cross-Cultural Coach), Challenging Stereotypes and Myths of India and America First in Series, 2010, YouTube,
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVBEsmvHRbo, used by permission

Podcast from
Zoopy / Cinchcast:
Kumar CC, LMSW, Jennifer (Cross-Cultural Coach), , Improve your American Accent: Test your Ears With Matching Word Pairs (4 of 4 exercise), 2010, Cinchcast,
http://www.cinchcast.com/jennifer-kumar/improve-your-american-accent/78284, used by permission

AuthorSTREAM or Slideshare Presentation:
Kumar CC, Jennifer (Cross-Cultural Coach), , What is a Cross-Cultural Coach? Is it for you?, 2010, Slideshare,
http://www.slideshare.net/AuthenticJourneys/what-is-a-crosscultural-coach-is-it-for-you, used by permission

Podcast/Video embedded on my blog:
Kumar CC, Jennifer (Cross-Cultural Coach), "Let Me Give 'em ta ya!" American Accent Reduction Tips Podcast, 2010, Embedded on Alaivani blog,
http://alaivani.com/Blog/tabid/56/EntryID/512/Default.aspx, used by permission.

**Used by permission
Please do contact me before you use the work as some aspects of some work are not fully authored by me. I usually try to highlight which aspects are authored by me and which are not. I can clarify the citing requirements when you contact me.
When you cite me, requesting permission, please e-mail me the web URL (address) of the item you intend to use. I am happy to possibly link up to your work if it is online.
I am honored you would contact me to quote me in your research! Thank you! I am also very interested in you and your work, that is why I am happy to know more about your work. I could offer other ideas for materials from my site or other sites, books, etc if I am aware of something.

Large Snippets or Full Reprints
If you intend to reprint:
Snippets larger than 50 words
Entire articles
Entire transcripts of videos
Photos/ Entire Videos
Please contact me with your interest and what exactly you’d like to reprint. Depending on the requirements, I may or may not charge you to do this. I value my work and I know by you citing or using it, you do, too. I appreciate that.

Have you found the information?
Have you found what you are looking for on my site already? I hope so!
If not, you have a few options:
Go to the
search function/page of my blog and search for different articles by keyword
Go to Google and in the search type ALAIVANI and a topic, my website may come up. If you have any questions, contact me.
Check my profiles on any of the social networks listed in this article-
AuthorSTREAMCinchcast, Facebook, Flickr, Slideshare, Viddler, Vimeo, Youtube, Zoopy
Or simply e-mail me.

Previously Published Works:Culture Shock - I'm Published!
A Promise to Lord Ganesh: One American’s Journey to Celebrating Ganesh Chathurthi in America (English, my blog) 
In Mumbai based daily Loksatta, in Marathi.  

Ad Copy for Olive Brook, a hill resort in Munnar, Kerala, India (appeared in Indian Express Travel Guide)  

Integrating two Worlds: Life in America with an Indian Twist (Nazareth College, Global Beat, Spring 2008, page 7)   

Is Mine a Case of Reverse Culture Shock? (my blog)   Published in full length book, Culture Shock, Ravikat S Wawge, ICFAI Publishers, 2009.  

Nazareth Initiates Relationship with Rajagiri College, Kochi, India (Nazareth College, Global Beat, Fall 2007, page 6)


Author of this post and owner of this blog; Jennifer Kumar, CC, is a cross-cultural coach helping people find comfort in foreign lands through multicultural advising, interfaith coaching, expat mentoring, English as Second Language conversational and life skills coaching and more! Contact her for more information at authenticjourneys at gmail dot com.









Thank you for your interest and hard work! I hope that together we can make your project a grand success!



 Updated April 2011


Copyright ©2010 Jennifer Kumar, CC, Cross-Cultural Coach


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